Stuck on Stupid

The bond market went up, now it’s down (hard), but we continue to trade fairly narrowly between 4.15 and 4.3.  That means 30-year rates under 6%, which is all anyone really cares about.

Sorry, but I don’t care much about any of that today.

On to other things.  

Random thoughts:

Saturday I ran a 5k in 29:34, my best time ever.  Two months ago I couldn’t run an entire 5k.  Then Tuesday I ran a mile in 7:26.57 (two months ago I broke 10 minutes and was thrilled).  I don’t seem to be able to cut that last 15 pounds off, but it’s nice to know that there have been some improvements.  Maybe next 5k I can beat my pregnant wife (29:22) or my 11-year-old son (28:15).  A guy can dream.

Best line of the new millennium: “You’re stuck on stupid.  I’m not going to answer that question.” – Gen Honore, to a reporter at a press conference in New Orleans.

Utah survived against Air Force despite absolutely quitting at the end of the game.  On one play, an Air Force receiver caught a pass over the middle and was trailed for almost 30 yards by a Ute defender who was just jogging along.  Coach Whittingham laid into the kid, who walked away down the sideline.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a BAD sign.  Well, it is if you’re a Ute fan, but then if you are, you get what you deserve.

BYU is going to beat TCU this weekend.  It will be relatively close, say, 10-14 points, but the Cougars will win.

The Yankees are going to lose 2 of 3 this weekend and end up tied with the Red Sox going into the last week of the season.  I’ll make a new prediction then.

We’re in the process of doing a loan for a fellow that is currently in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  And it looks like the loan will go.  We are also doing a construction loan for another client – nothing down, no income documentation, and non-owner-occupied.  Our new motto is “Remember, this is impossible, but we’ll do it anyway.”  This stuff is why.

The New Orleans refugees went from the Superdome to the Astrodome.  If Rita destroys the Astrodome, where do they go next?  The Kingdome?  The Metrodome?  Thunderdome?

Inc Magazine has a very good article on The Wisdom of Crowds, which is sitting here on my desk and which I have recommended before.

I bought a TV-tuner/video capture card for my PC the other day, and it now appears that with the addition of this $30 piece of hardware and a $30 DVD-authoring program I can use my PC as a TiVo – only I can not only record programs, I can burn them onto DVDs for permanent storage.  I can record all my old home movies and get them onto permanent media.  I can get rid of all my old VHS tapes, some of which are so old they will not last another 5 years.  Great stuff, technology.

Jen King Harris’s family is from Corpus Christi, so if you are a praying person (and I recommend it), would you please offer up a prayer for the King’s down in southern Texas?  We’ll give you updates through the weekend on how they’re doing.

Speaking of which, have a good one.


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