A Few Quick Takes

A few quick takes:

Here’s Kathleen Hays on the Fed and why it keeps raising rates.

Here’s Les Christie on housing affordability (or lack thereof), mirroring our post on the same thing last week.  Our analyses are remarkably similar.  So I guess our math is good.

Here’s the Deseret News story on the new development at Traverse Mountain (which is technically part of Lehi).  We’re talking about 1.2 million square feet of retail development, which roughly doubles the entire retail space in Lehi – including the new Costco which just broke ground two weeks ago.  It is going to be an amazing project.  As the Vice-Chair (and, I understand, the Chair-elect, though I don’t remember that part) of the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce, let me say “this is freakin’ awesome, dudes.”

Here’s a story about me, also from the Deseret News.  It’s an election year.  It’s always an election year.  I can apparently get in trouble for doing almost anything.  Howard Johnson won the election, and it wasn’t particularly close, but we had an hour-long conversation on Monday and apparently there won’t be any reprisals.  This isn’t Chicago, after all, let alone someplace really nasty, like Provo.  We didn’t have anything to do with this site, but we wholeheartedly endorse its sentiments on the subject of my former city of residence.

Reminding everyone about the Twelfth Night Ball on January 6 and urging you to RSVP before we fill up.  This is going to be an event you’ll want to make.

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