Chris Jones Watch

The market reacted very, very negatively to the news that the housing market is cooling off rapidly, even more rapidly than was expected.  That ought to be a sign that interest rates are at a good level, and in turn to signal that the Fed likely will finish its interminable round of moves next week, but the bond markte did not take it that way and we have a cascade failure that lost us .125 on both the 15- and 30-year mortgage rates.  More tomorrow, even if, like today, none of it makes any sense.
Time for another Chris Jones Watch installment.  Today, I am a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings.  I guess.  I have no statistics, so it’s really hard to tell if I’m any good.  Thanks, as always, to Google.  This reference appears on page 12, right before the link to my page where I’m a developer for MobyGames.
If you’re interested in who I really am, try going to The Chris Jones Group main page.
But if you DON’T know who I am, what are you doing here?
Not that you aren’t welcome.

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