He Won’t Just DIE!

The crush of stuff to do never slackens, so of course I’m blogging about it instead of doing it.  Ha ha!

I’ve been cast as Lumiére in a Bluffdale performance of Beauty and the Beast.  This was an accident, I assure you.  I brought my son Crispin up to audition for the part of Chip (which he secured after reading exactly one line), and apparently the current Lumiére had just become unable to perform (a trip to Ukraine to adopt some kids, I understand).  So I am now growing a French mustache and speaking like Pepé le Pew.

How do I despise Alan Greenspan?  Let me count the ways.  Today he made a speech at Lehman Brothers at which he is alleged to have said that the low rate on the long-term bond might make it necessary to raise short-term rates farter than they otherwise might need to go.  Now this is pathological, folks.  Not only is this man contending that the millions of bond traders in the world are flat wrong, he’s actually blaming them for his destructive policies.  Message to Alan: you’re not running things anymore.  Shut up.

Message to the bond market: he’s not God.  Trust me on this.  You can stop listening for his indigestional rumblings for ideas about how the market is going to perform.

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