Another compendium of stuff:

The journal Science has an article in its newest edition about the Science of Songs, and what makes a song into a hit.  Interesting stuff.  Reminds me of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, which I recommend.

Great post on the Freakonomics Blog, which I also recommend, about a cool new gadget coming to a stadium near you.  Instant replay on steroids, sounds like.  A little late for the poor Seahawks, I’m afraid.

The ankle is feeling incredibly much better, thanks to the very good people at Dry Creek Physical Therapy in Lehi, up by Micron.  Dr. Jensen, who turns out to have known my father-in-law when my wife’s family lived in eastern Kentucky, is a super fellow and I enthusiastically recommend his services.

Financial markets are not doing anything of note.  Apparently Greenspan got my message yesterday.  The Chris Jones Group wishes to express its gratitude to the Fed for doing nothing visibly today to screw up the economy.

Property values in Lehi grew 12% last year.  We told you so.


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