Just by way of getting started, I want to post an article from the Deseret News from Sunday’s edition, which I found profoundly moving. Most of you know that I did not go to college for a degree in finance – in fact, I never took a college-level math class and spent only one semester anywhere near the business/economics building. I studied Classical Civilization, and emphasized Roman History.

Why did I do this? Because if you can think, if you can write, if you can speak, you can do anything. Not perhaps literally anything, for instance, I would be loath to attempt neurosurgery, but it is also true that the world’s greatest neurosurgeon is going to need someone like me if he is going to pass on any of his knowledge. To think clearly is to touch the face of God. To create literature is to become God, for however brief a moment in however tiny a way.

This article expresses a truth I want very much to share on this Monday morning – there are lots of ways to be poor. And the worst ones have nothing to do with money.

More later.

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