Dulce et Decorum

I am NOT going to go off for the weekend without putting something down about Guy Kawasaki’s blog Signum sine tinnitu.  Especially read the top 10 blog posts (like The Art of Schmoozing, one of my personal favorites).  Some extremely good stuff there.

Most of you know that I began an exercise program – consisting almost entirely of running – last year in June.  The goal was to lose 40 pounds, to drop from 222 to 182.  Yesterday I cracked 190 for the first time.  Eat less, exercise more.  That about sums it up.

Scott and Catherine Carlson bought a house yesterday and their rate beat the government-subsidized Utah Housing rate by almost a full eighth.  Catherine is my sister, so don’t be expecting this to be a trend, but it was a real pleasure to do that for them and to have her call me and thank me.  That happens sometimes, when we do something really good, and it never stops feeling wonderful.

We’ve got a new member of the Group, and I’ll be introducing her and announcing the full reorganization of the Chris Jones Group Experience on Monday.

No, no.  We’re not going anywhere but up.  Have a great weekend.

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