9/11 and Miscellanea

At lunch today the Provo/Orem Pacesetters were discussing 9/11 and the events thereof. There was a general lament – which I joined – that it seems impossible for us to simply mourn and appreciate what we have without taking political jabs at one another – ala Keith Olbermann, who reall ought to stick to baseball, calling last night for Bush to be impeached. Apropos of that, I direct you to a political columnist, Peggy Noonan, who seems very able to put aside her personal predilections, and who wrote a terrific 9/11 column last week.

The 10-year bond had really strong auction demand today, so the price rose and the yield dropped to 4.76. I expect that to confirm the 30-year mortgage at 6.25%, though I do not expect it to stay there.

Congratulations to Eric and Karen Guess of Rabbit Ears Village, Colorado on the closing of their house.

More later. I have a doozy saved up.

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