In Which We Win the Super Bowl

Haven’t had ten seconds this week to blog, but that huge deal I wrote about last time has finally almost completely come to pass, and we have won the Super Bowl. The new season, of course, has already begun, so it’s exactly the problem I posted about, to which I continue not to have a solution.

Right in the middle of the Super Bowl, though, there was another game going on that was just as critical to the clients playing in it, and I need to hand out an award or two. So. To everyone on the funding line at 1st National Lending, thank you. You came through in fine style when the chips were down. Ray, as always, carried the ball in crunch time. It is impossible to overstate the quality of his performance every loan, every day. Jared over at Jim Duncan Realty went above and beyond the call of duty several times for me, rare enough in any service provider, but all but unheard of in a Realtor. Thank you.

My top award, though, goes to Charity Title, which performed a miracle of small but oh, so important magnitude in transferring the cash literally in the final seconds to win the game. Connie, I don’t know your last name, but you are my Favorite Person on Earth Aside from Those Related to Me. God bless you.

I could go on. There are some negative awards to hand out as well, including a huge raspberry to Definitive Appraisal for botching every single part of the loan process assigned to them. But on the whole, I’m happy and the client is happy. Can’t ask for better than that.

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