Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow…

This will be the final regularly-scheduled identical post for the Chris Jones Group and Mortgage Blogger, as it’s become rather obvious that more than half the time I don’t write much about finance.  Since Mortgage Blogger is really supposed to be about mortgages and real-estate finance, it seems a little odd that I’d post some of my more, shall we say, esoteric musings on that site.  So I’ll endeavor to keep both sites going simultaneously, but as you may have noticed, even handling a single post to both sites sometimes handcuffs me.

Speaking of handcuffs, here’s a photo of me being arrested last week.  No, no, it was a charity gig.

The bond market has been absolutely fantastic the last couple days, and even the end of last week, as economic numbers continue to walk that very fine line between good but not really good.  Bond rates are rising and that’s driving mortgage rates down.  Good news for us.  The 30-year mortgage is down at about 6% right now, and that’s going to be a strong signal for buying in the late winter/early spring if things last that long.  I suspect that you’ll start to see articles about how the worst may be over for real-estate price declines; some articles are already coming out about that.  And that would make this the shortest housing recession ever recorded.  About two weeks long, I believe.

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Jeanette and I wwere shopping for costumes the other day and something occurred to me.  I have five standard costumes that I wear – a minuteman, a musketeer, a gangster (mostly for the suit), a pirate and Zorro.  I’ve made much of the costumery myself, and only buy things when I cannot make them out of anything handy (I’ve made rapiers, for instance, as two of the above costumes require them, but the musket alas was beyond my expertise).  Jeanette, by contrast, has no costume at all.  By our count, she’s been showing-pregnant four times while we’ve been married, so that makes it a little harder, but really, she ought to have something standard that she can wear when she needs to.  So we went to the costume shop to get her something.

Apparently, if you are a woman, you have three options: prostitute, clueless and disgusting old woman, or witch.  Witch is easy, though I haven’t seen any White Witch costumes (shame, really, that was a gool getup), and traditional.  Disgusting older person has been around a while, and isn’t that far from zombie, another traditional costume.  But by far the most common costume is prostitute, in an incredible and almost infinite array of varieties: Wonder Woman, Cleopatra, gangster moll, Batgirl, Catwoman, French maid, candystriper, nurse, cheerleader, what have you.  All of these costumes feature bodices cut so low they needn’t bother, and skirts cut so high that the crotch is visible.  Seriously.  In our little community, many of the pictures had the prices pasted over the crotch of the model.  From the one or two that were not so tastefully covered, I could tell why the others had been treated so.

Steve Stockdale, friend of the Group, reports that mothers go with their daughters and pick out these costumes.  That a daughter could wear one of these costumes with her mother’s permission boggles the mind.  Certainly my daughters will not, and my wife naturally wasn’t that enamored of doing so either.  What’s a girl to do?  I have infinite options, it seems like.  What does Jeanette have?

One of our neighbors is going as Mother Nature, a very good idea without a great deal of photographic example, so she’ll be explaining it all night, which to my mind defeats the purpose, or at least modifies it to the point that it’s annoying rather than fun.  There are some costumes that make sense in the presence of the male half, for instance she could be Juliet to my Romeo, or even Queen Mother Anne to my D’Artagnan, if you like The Man in the Iron Mask (and I do), but neither of those, nor many others like them, make much sense on their own.


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  • Holly Hanberg says:

    there are other options but you have to make your own something that is fiarly labor intensive. if however, you plan to just use it over and over it may be worth it. I went as Heidi this year in a costume that had been made for me (by your mother no less) when I was in the sound of music in highschool but i was covered. Three’s always a nun, (pregnant nun can be fun too, but you say your done. not that any of us believe you) queen, fairy, princess, dolly parton, a cousin of ours (yes, i’m his sister) went as cher this year (i recommend cher from the 60′s). or you two could go together as hansel and grettel, but you’d have to make two costumes.

  • Holly Hanberg says:

    wow i just reread that. typing with a baby on your lap just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • Jeanette says:

    Well, I, being Jeanette, ended up going as a nerd–or if your are in the family, I went as Crispin, a dork. But it was nothing memorable or exciting. I like the Cher idea, but am not sure I could pull off the height. I guess I’ll keep thinking…

  • Kevin says:

    How about Cruella DeVille for next year? Dianna was that several years ago and still has some remnants of that costume. In fact, we have about 10+ bags of various costume articles that we have collected over the years.

    I believe we had 3 or 4 people borrow items for costumes this year. The great thing is, we don’t charge anything! Although, we do ask you to return it directly to us rather than simply bringing it to Relief Society on Sunday, putting it on top of the piano, and hoping that whomever it belongs to will see it and take it home.

    Let’s see, Dianna was Arwen from LOTR last year and this year (a completely covered) Cleopatra. I can’t remember many more. She always dresses up.

    I myself cannot do Halloween without going all the way. It is either black or white, no shades of gray. If there is a hint of mediocrity, I won’t do it. It’s a problem I have. Dianna has been working on an Elvis costume for me for many years that I have not quite passed as finished. Three years ago I was a gangster, complete with black and white dress shoes, pinstripe suit (from DI), black shirt, red tie, and the appropriate hat. Two years ago I was a 70′s disco dude with a huge afro, huge chops (actual facial hair), vintage 70′s shirt and plaid bell-bottom pants (my father’s golf pants), and suede shoes (I really wanted platform shoes but too expensive–maybe someday). Last year I was Count Olaf. Dianna was inspired one Saturday morning when I woke up with a serious case of bedhead. This year I was Dieter from the Mike Myers’ SNL skit called Sprockets. This one came about from going through the bags of costumes looking for some items for the kids; 1 pair black stretch pants, 1 tight fitting turtle neck shirt, 1 pair of black slipper-shoes, a pair of square glasses, and a stuffed monkey. “Would you like to touch my Monkey?”

    Sorry Chris, I rambled a bit there…

  • Shawn says:

    I think it’s okay to deviate once in a while from the main thrust of your blog. It creates diversion. :) Of course, talking about bad credit home loan mortgage refinance can sometimes be quite a drag.

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