In Which I Become a Florida Fan

I have hated every school from Florida (except Jacksonville State!) as long as I can remember, but I hate the BCS even more. Therefore, since we now have the spectacle of Florida versus the BCS, I am a Florida fan. Chomp! Chomp!

The story is here. Godspeed Bernie Machen. That he would do this, undertake this crusade even though Florida benefitted from the BCS process this time, is unusual and wonderful and I officially love this man. And Florida, the city of Tallahassee, and the color orange. And alligators, but I already liked them.

3 Responses to “In Which I Become a Florida Fan”

  • beanjah says:

    You have made my day. Not only do we have someone to lead the revolution against the BCS, but he’s a Gator too.

  • diana says:

    ok…i was little confused. i don’t know if you just made a mistake or what, but the gators aren’t in tallahassee…..that’s the terrible semioles….oh how we hate them!

    i can’t wait until you see my sweatshirt in almost TWO WEEKS!

  • Cj says:

    Yesterday was a long and frustrating day, obviously, because of course the Gators are from Gainesville. Duh.

    Two weeks is two weeks too long!

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