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Chomp! Chomp!

The miracle has occurred and Florida is actually going to play for the Mythical National Championship (MNC), thanks to some hyper-rationality on the part of the poll voters, who knew the computer polls would punt and had to skew their results so as to end up with the matchup I do think most fans want to see.

Congratulations to Diana and Ben. How proud you must be.

Still, we at the Group are disappointed, because we lost out on the chance to have the worst possible matchup in the history of the BCS in Michigan-Ohio State II, the Game That Tells Us Nothing (MOSIIGTTUN). I had been licking my chops over that to the point that I seriously contemplated rooting for Arkansas to keep the SEC Championship game close (which they did, without my rooting, despite employing Venus de Milo at quarterback – you know, no arms?) so as to hurt Florida’s chance to play for the MNC. The possibility of MOSIIGTTUN was simply too delicious to resist. Consider – OSU (Overrated State University) beats Michigan again. Then what? We know nothing about OSU that we didn’t know before. We still have no idea if Florida, or for that matter Wisconsin or Louisville or Boise State, could beat them. All we know is that they can beat Michigan (and, in fairness, Texas).

But EVEN BETTER would be if MIGHIGAN won MOSIIGTTUN. Then we know EVEN LESS. We don’t even have an undefeated team anymore. Is Michigan the MNC? Why? Because they beat OSU? But then why not OSU as the national champ, since they beat Michigan? Can you imagine the howling? The SEC would have an absolute (and perfectly justified) fit.

But no, we’re not going to be treated to that. We have to have further pretense that the BCS is some sort of system designed to produce a consensus national champion. It isn’t. It’s a travesty of the worst sort and it is the worst thing about college football. Still. And, apparently, always.

Gators by 4.

UPDATE: The Sports Economist has a take on a tangent of the above, viz: who is better, Florida or Michigan? As we’ve posted here previously, nobody has any earthly idea how good the SEC is, since the conference has avoided playing anyone decent the entire season. As a conference the SEC played two out-of-conference bowl teams, Miami (Florida beat them) which finished 6-6, and USC (10-2), which beat Arkansas 50-14. Yes, THAT Arkansas. For purposes of comparison, USC scored 9 points on UCLA Saturday. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

Shameless Self-promotion

Well, mostly shameless.

I’m on the front cover of the Lehi Free Press this morning. Not a bad article. Cathy Allred went out of her way to interview something like half the town for it, and other than being really sappy and way too complimentary of me, it’s pretty decent coverage. We’ll take it. Any article that quotes my wife – correctly – is okay by me.

And I’m a featured guest on Copper Rain’s Coppercast podcast special edition, also from yesterday.

We’ll be podcasting as well as blogging here in a week or so. Stay tuned.