Hail the Conquering Heroes

So the Gators won the National Championship in one of the worst football games in the history of the game, but kudos to them all the same. If that fiasco, however, was not the definitive proof that the BCS has to go, and go right now, I don’t know what would be.


The best BCS game was the one that until this season could not have happened – Boise State over Oklahoma. The non-BCS conferences are now 2-0 in BCS games.

If a couple of coaches hadn’t screwed Michigan in the final poll of the regular season, we would have had OSU/Michigan II, and we would never have known how truly bad the Big Ten is.

If USC doesn’t lose focus in their last game against UCLA, then they are in the championship game, and Florida goes to the Rose Bowl. The results of the two games would have been pretty much the same, and everyone would be talking about how awesome USC is, not Florida.

It’s a travesty and it’s hurting the game. The ratings for the championship game were awful. Deservedly. The game was over halfway through the second quarter. Wouldn’t you pay good money to see USC/Boise State/Florida and LSU in a Final Four now?

But it won’t happen until 2010. If ever.

I should put in here a Twelfth Night recap. For those of you not in the know, Twelfth Night is our annual charity ball (info here) and client appreciation event. We had over 200 people this year – doubling attendance again – and raised more than twice as much money as 2006. It is always amazing to me to see the generosity of the people I know, and since you’re likely one of them, thank you. If you missed it, or forgot your wallet, or something, and you’d like to make a donation to A Child’s Hope Foundation, please email the Empress of Impressions at olivia@thechrisjonesgroup.com. Take a trip to Mexico. They’ll take you and you’ll never be the same.

Special thanks to the BYU Ballroom Team, Britney Harper, Misses Provo, Spanish Fork and Lehi, Utah County Commissioner Steve White, Amy Jo Yates, Gordon Jones and the Music Makers, Melanie Mellenthin, Paul Jones (pf jones), Heather Hunsaker of LaVilla Salon, Bella Medica, James Roberts of Orange Realty, Robbie Robertson of TAZ Business Solutions, and Kirk from the Apollo Dance Hall, along with all our fantastic volunteers. Thank you a thousand times.

See you all next year, January 12, 2008.

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