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Chris Leak did lead Florida to winning the Mythical National Championship (MNC), but hymns of praise to him for his stellar play are somewhat misguided. Yes, his stats are gaudy in some respects, until you consider the following: he did not complete a single pass that was longer than 15 yards in the air, and he completed only two passes of ten that were longer than 10 yards. In other words, Urban Meyer designed a game plan that required his quarterback to do only things that 90% of the 1A quarterbacks in the nation can do. Perhaps this escaped the notice of the pro scouts in the audience, but I bet it didn’t. Far from making him an automatic first-rounder, I bet the MNC game actually HURT Leak’s draft status. Regardless, he will not make a good living in the NFL. He’s just not a very good quarterback. But he has a ring.

The new year has brought the usual round of silliness about new year’s resolutions, from the “just don’t make any” to the “here are some you can certainly keep”. We made resolutions when I was a kid, but our main resolution-making has always occurred at Christmas in our birthday party for Jesus. We give to Jesus as a gift one thing, essentially a resolution, but a little more than that, since it isn’t a promise to ourselves, but to Him. It’s made it a little easier to keep, for me. Make your resolutions a gift to someone you respect. See if that works.

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  • diana banana says:

    GO GATORS! haha….i just had too. we do admit it was a poor football game but we were all so unbelievable excited it didn’t matter. our championship t-shirts are already in the mail!

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