Once More with Feeling

I was just finishing up my blog earlier today when my computer, which is possessed by the devil, decided to spontaneously reboot. Having lost everything, it’s taken until now for me to be able to get back to the blog, but I wanted to mention something that happened today simply because of how unusual it was.

We’re putting together the Pontificating Potty Post, and we have a plethora of photos from Twelfth Night. Olivia took most of them with her new digital camera, a lovely Kodak. Unfortunately, although the files, when you transfer them to your computer, look like they are standard .jpg files, they aren’t. They don’t print. Our printers can’t read more than one of them at a time. This is a complication.

Steve, who is the office dogsbody and general fix-it-up chappie, started working on the problem at about 2pm. By 4, it was apparent that the problem was the picture format, so he called Kodak tech support to see if he could get the problem fixed. The tech, bless her heart, stayed on the phone with him for almost half an hour helping him navigate some new software and a host of other things until he could import photos into Publisher directly from Kodak EasyShare, even though Publisher is not one of the programs they support. It was an unusual effort from somone that couldn’t possibly benefit from going the extra mile. Kudos to Kodak.

Unfortunately, all her help was useless, because in the end the pictures still wouldn;t print more than one at a time. So Steve printed them one at a time, scanned them back in, and THOSE files print just fine, thanks. So the Post will be late. But it will get there.

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