Chris Jones Watch

Just so we can keep up on these things, The Chris Jones Group is now #1 and #2 on Google under “Chris Jones Group”, and Chris Jones (our Chris Jones) has moved up to #45 under “Chris Jones”.

Thanks to all of you.

On the Chris Jones Watch, the #1 Chris Jones continues to be the Chris Jones Coalition, a bluegrass band that sadly, I don’t like. I like bluegrass, but not this bluegrass, mostly because it appears I don’t sing well. Moving into the top 10 is Chris Jones the wildlife artist (#5) – careful, my art is creepy and weird – and a brand-new Chris Jones that does a webcomic (#9). A bad one. Apparently, I can draw, but I have no sense of humor or taste. The same one of me at #7 also does a site of children’s illustrations, much more tasteful.

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