Keeping the Keys to the Castle

Here’s a service we can offer that we don’t often talk about, but that is directly related to what we’ve been discussing with regard to subprime mortgages: how to keep from being foreclosed on.

Now, we here don’t have a great deal of experience with foreclosure personally (although we got closer once than we’d like to admit, so it’s not as if it’s a totally foreign experience), but we are connected with a great outfit that specializes in loss mitigation, which is a fancy term for “how to keep your house when the bank wants you out of it”. Surprise, the best way to deflect this sort of unwanted attention is communication with the lender.

But not with just anyone at the lender. There are two parts of a lender’s operation, and one of them is not going to be friendly. Talk to the other one. In the even that you should need to, call us (801) 787-2162 and we’ll connect you with Karen Eggett, the resident expert on the subject. She’s fantastic.

And we have other resources, too. We can help.

Just in time, here’s a CNN article on the subject with some tips at the end.

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