Gator Chomp

Florida is the greatest sports juggernaut in the history of collegiate athletics.

I don’t care if you like Florida or not, this is an indisputable fact. Other teams have won back-to-back national championships in basketball (and UCLA has won many more than that), but nobody has ever done that and the mythical football national championship at the same time. The fact that they did so while beating Ohio State each of the last two times rankles in Columbus and is a fascinating little footnote, but of no particular interest except that it makes the Buckeyes the Buffalo Bills of collegiate sports.

But Florida is the juggernaut. I dislike Florida a good deal – as I dislike all Florida teams except Jacksonville State – but I’ve found a silver lining to the cloud. The biggest proponent (that matters) of a D1A football playoff is Bernie Machen, the President of the University of Florida. As much as I want to see anyone else win besides Florida (well, okay, not ANYONE), I want a D1A playoff even more, and anything that strengthens Machen’s hand in getting it to happen is a good thing on balance.

So Diana and Ben, chomp on in peace. Don’t forget about us little guys while you’re doing it.

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  • ray says:

    I haven’t read much news or sports news for that matter so not sure if the facts of that not only are they the first school to win football and basketball in the same calendar year, but also the first basketball team to win back to back with the same starting five. And to even get one of the starting five back after a championship in this day in age is an accomplishment worth noting loudly.

    and why is it so hard to publish a coment on this site?

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