The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I meant to post on Monday, but I couldn’t sleep the night before and spent a couple of hours on the stairs in my house praying and trying to be grateful that I have it better than most, however it feels like sometimes I could lose it in heartbeat.

So I didn’t post.

I meant to post on 9/11 on the tragic and still almost unbelievable loss of that day. The year after I participated in the “Rolling Requiem”, an hour-by hour tribute to the dead through the singing of Mozart’s Requiem mass beginning at 8:17am in every time zone. I’ve not forgotten that day; nor, I suspect, have any of you.

But I didn’t post.

I meant to post on Wednesday the 12th, a day where I passed a test that a few years ago I failed. I hadn’t thought I’d come that far. I also learned several very important things that I want to share, but I didn’t have time when I got home at close to midnight.

And here we are on Thursday and hey! I have time!

The markets are fairly settled. There’s the distinct possibility of a Fed rate cut of as much as .5% next week, which would be a very aggressive move. It would ease the pressure on those that need to refinance out of adjustable rate mortgages (Fed moves directly affect ARMs), and that could help ease the fears in the secondary mortgage markets. Frankly, I can’t tease out how the Fed affects the entire world economy, so I tend to pull for those moves that make it easier for me and my clients to get loans done. That usually means rate cuts. Forgive the bias. But I do think that is what the Fed should do.

In an effort to expand our product range and provide more services to our clients we have developed a couple of new programs that are related to, but are not, mortgage loans. One is a huge undertaking that I’ll have a whole post about relatively soon, and the other is potentially the most useful mortgage add-on that I’ve ever seen. More about those later.

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