Some Good, Some Bad

A few random thoughts:

  • The edition of the Potty Post just coming off the presses is the best we’ve ever done. Period. I’m serious. You’re going to love it. If you’re not on our mailing list, send an email to
  • Elections were yesterday. We had all the incumbents win here in Lehi, and we have a new Mayor in Eagle Mountain (Friend of the Group Heather Anne Jackson!), and Friend of the Group Steve Turley won in Provo, and most of these races were acrimonious and nasty to one degree or another, but this morning everyone picked up his yard signs and life went on.
  • Meanwhile in Pakistan, Benazhir Bhutto is calling for a rebellion to oust General Musharraf, there’s rioting by opposition groups in Tblisi, Burma is in shambles, and we don’t even want to start talking about the political/social unrest in Sudan. I didn’t get what I wanted yesterday, not by a long shot, but I have a lot more of what I want today than almost anyone else on earth. We are truly a very fortunate people.
  • Speaking of not getting what I want, the voucher-bill-turned-referendum-1 lost badly, which likely spells the end of the legislative school-choice movement in Utah for the near term. I’ve been involved with it fairly intimately for ten years, and still consider choice in education to be as basic a good idea as choice of breakfast cereal, a lovely thing that has resulted in an almost 80% drop in the real price of cereal over the last 25 years. Only in education is choice supposed to make things more expensive, and reduce quality. But the fight will go on. This is much like other battles we’ve been fighting for a generation; we’ve got the right of it, and eventually, we’ll win.
  • This ought to be its own post, but there’s a new anti-predatory-lending law being proposed in the halls of Congress that falls squarely under the heading of “this is what I warned you about” in a post a few months back, where i said that the only think that could really destroy the real-estate market in the US was Congress trying to “fix” things. HR3519 is a truly abysmally stupid piece of legislation, so it will likely not pass, at least not in present form, but oh, how tired I am already of people blaming the mortgage mess on me. Okay, not me, exactly, but mortgage brokers in general, of which I am one. If this ridiculous legislation passes, I’ll have lots more time for blogging, because we’ll be out of business, and thousands like me across the country. I’ll keep you posted.

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