Hey, I Feel Fine, Myself

Some of you know that we’ve had a bit of a rash of injury/illness here, so I thought I’d give an update on that, by way of blogging for the third day in a row for the first time in several months.

Brian Votaw, husband of Olivia, Empress of Marketing, blew out his knee and shattered his wrist a week ago. He had surgery on his knee where it was discovered that he had ruptured the patellar tendon, but no other significant damage was found. Shortly thereafter he had his wrist operated on and that was apparent much worse, but there are no external screws and he’s home and resting, even if he’s a little bit out of it because of the Percocet. Because she is a genius, she got the Potty Post out anyway, but the Christmas cards will be late. Forgive us.

Todd Yates, husband of AmyJo, Impressionist Extraordinaire, went into the hospital on December 6 for some relatively routine, if major, intestinal surgery. That seemed to go fine, but shortly thereafter he developed more serious problems with his gallbladder, so that had to be removed as well. His intestines may be reconnected, but his stomach hasn’t realized that yet, so he’s still on a very thin liquid diet and still in the hospital, and probably will be through Christmas. AmyJo, by consequence, hasn’t been here for almost a week and things are about as fractured as they’ve ever been.

Also, Jason’s computer blew. In trying to repair it/resurrect it/recover it, we have apparently blown the office computer as well, all of which leads me to the point where I’d almost just rather shut the whole works down until next Wednesday, and see if perhaps someone is available to assist me then.

But I won’t. Sigh. I just can’t bring myself to do that. So I’m here, in my 51 degree office by myself, with my Bob Cratchit gloves on. No kidding. We have no heat here.

God bless us, every one.

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