Some Couple Weeks (redux)

In light of Helaman 5:40-42, let’s try this again.

A couple weeks ago when my computer went out, I learned to search local classifieds, especially Craigslist and KSL, and found, within one day, a faster, better computer that does everything I need except handle my TV tuner, for about half what I was going to have to pay on Ebay, plus there was no shipping.

The vacuum is still not fixed, but we have met a really great repair guy who understands customer service, a thing I really thought was dead. Meantime, there are other vacuums. I think. Not that we have one.

The car is still busted, but it was a great blessing that the belt did not break while I was stopped dead in Midvale in rush-hour traffic (two minutes before that), nor did it cause me to veer into the semitrailer cruising next to me, nor was I in one of the middle lanes, where I usually am. I could easily make my way over to the service lane in the middle of the freeway, Jeanette was almost instantly available (I was only about 10 miles from home), and during the 45 minutes I was there not only did my phone not die, but I was also unmolested by any police. We had the tow cables. Really, it was pretty easy.

About the chickens, well, there isn’t that much great to say about that. However, we are in the process of replacing them, and who knows? We’re getting a much larger run of chicks this time. They arrive the week of September 8, just in time for Ethan’s 5th birthday (and the arrival back in the states of my parents-in-law). And here’s something else. While we were contemplating whether to shoot the dog that killed our feathered friends, Alexander said “but somewhere there are probably little kids crying because they think their dog is dead. We can’t make the disaster worse.” It takes tragedy to reveal the heart of a person, and I am very proud to say that my son’s heart remains as kind and decent as ever.

Addendum: yesterday, as I was driving west on Lehi Main Street in the evening, I was momentarily blinded by the sun and hit the car in front of me, pushing it into the car in front of it. My car still being drivable, I pulled off to the side and ran over to the poor little gal in her Civic to see if she was all right. She said she was, though she was weeping. Then I went to the Jetta in front of her to make sure he was okay, and he was. So we inspected his car. There was no damage. At all. He didn’t get hit very hard, so that wasn’t surprising. The front bumper of the Civic was also undamaged. So I went back to the rear of the Civic. Nothing. And I mean, nothing. I hit the car hard enough to push it, but there was no evidence of contact. On my car, the bumper had come loose, but since that first happened three years ago, that was nothing new.

Within 10 minutes, everyone decided to just let it go, and we all went on with our lives.

Black cloud lifted. On we go.

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  • Alison Wonderland says:

    I love that you call that the black cloud being lifted. You’re awesome!

  • Scott says:

    I can’t comment on your most recent post, because all I can do is cry when I read it. And what I have to say isn’t sad.
    The red prelude was finally carried away to it’s final resting place last Friday. We are sad for the loss but extremely grateful for the lesson we learned. We checked the mileage on our accord and discovered that our timing belt was due for a replacement. Got that done today. Our negligence on the part of the red car ended up saving us about $1000 by not having the same thing happen to the green car. So, there….another silver lining.

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