What is Rate Watch?

Rate Watch by Chris Jones is broadcasted Monday through Friday via email. You can expect to read information on current rates and commentary by Chris Jones, Resident Magician and industry tracker. on what is happening in the industry and how it may affect you. It is a quick, easy, and accurate way to learn what the rates are in today’s market.

Chris Jones understands how the market works, and the products it produces. He understands how everything from the weather to CNBC reporting influences the mortgage rate you pay. He can’t always forecast accurately which direction rates are headed, but he knows the landscape. Chris Jones is a tracker. He is the guy to talk to. He can help anyone with a mortgage, or anyone that works with people in real estate, save money on mortgage interest.

Summary of Rate Watch by Chris Jones, Resident Magician

* It’s FREE
* It contains current information (straight from the market to you)
* Learn from an experienced voice (Chris Jones, of course)
* It’s by referral only (no spam –ick!)
* You can use it to pick your own mortgage rate.

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