BabyWatch moves to BabyWarning

No kid yet, but Jeanette has gotten serious.  I’ve lost the pool now, but it would be nice to ahve the kid, as I am under the usual injunction (largely self-imposed) not to go anyplace I can’t get back from in less than twenty minutes.  We don’t anticipate that this labor will take much time.  The body knows the score, so to speak, and although Jeanette is not as young as she once was and doesn’t have the physical strength she did, she is also wiser and tougher than ever, so she’s not going to call for help until the baby is right on top of us.  Usually we have the baby about the point that the unborn child’s arrival starts to seriously impinge on everything else.  I’m cancelling appointments, so that’s the stage we’re in.

Of course, this is accompanied by the vomiting and diarrhea of another child – it was inevitable – and the departure of Alexander to Rotary Youth Leadership, and so on, so the castle is under siege and our defenders are thinner than usual.  I’ve got to work – half my staff is in the West Coast time zone and out of pocket – but thank Heaven the Internet makes it possible to do (mainly) from home, so I can be here the bulk of the time.

And I got an email from a friend asking if I wanted to meet two 11-year-old Ukrainian kids in case we wanted to adopt them.  I told him I didn’t, knowing that once I did, I’d be in real trouble.  We’ve talked about adopting several times, but never got very close to actually doing it, mostly because we’re still bringing new children into the house by ourselves, and a lot cheaper.  The fact remains that we have more to give.  We have warmth and shelter and love enough for more than we have, even counting this one we don’t have yet.  Though it’s frequently close, we always seem to have enough money for them all, too.  Should we not be willing, even eager, to sacrifice as much as necessary of this world’s goods to care for those that have so little of them?

More later, as events warrant.

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  • earlfam says:

    I was going to try to talk you out of this adoption thing, but then I thought “Jeanette has sense even if my brother is crazy. There’s nothing to worry about.” I think you’re amazing and wonderful and so admirable I can’t stand it, but I’m also gland you married someone who can rein you in a little bit when your awesomeness turns down right nutty.

  • earlfam says:

    really? they don’t let me edit? I have to go on being gland?

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