Waiting for the End of the World

Well, okay, no. I’m not.

It might happen, but I’m not going to wait for it. The mortgage industry has stabilized pretty well, albeit with a very, very tiny product line, and we are starting to get market share from the collapse of other brokerages. That’s a huge positive for us, and we have to thank Lail Chavez and especially Jonathan Heaton and Skylar Thomas for their referrals. Jonathan is a partner in the office next door, and Skylar became the top referring Realtor in Group history in less than a week. Thanks, guys.

Thought I’d post something about how to refer someone to us. Fact is, the phone is glued to my ear all day. If you are talking to someone that needs to discuss a mortgage with me, here’s how the conversation will likely go:

Friend: I really should refinance my house. My rate sucks.

You: You should call this guy I know. He did my loan. He’s really good.

Friend: Sounds great, maybe I’ll call him.

You: I’ll get you his business card.

And that will be the end of it. So If I could suggest something different, could I ask you to try this instead?

Friend: I really should refinance my house. My rate sucks.

You: I know the guy. You go see anyone else, you’re crazy.

Friend: Maybe I’ll call him.

You: Ha. Good luck with that. Nobody gets through his gatekeepers without a pass. The guy only works by referral. I have a back door, though, because I’m a client. I’ll have him call you. He’ll take my call.

And THAT’S how you give a referral. Best part of it is, it’s true. I really don’t take many calls from numbers I don’t recognize. If I did, I couldn’t get anything done. But if you call me, and you’re a client, whatever you need goes to the top of the stack. You really do get special privileges by being a member of the Group. Remember, the Group is family.

Besides, it makes you look good, too. Everyone wants to be the person with the connections, with the pull, who can get things others can’t. Well, if you’re here, you’re one of those people. Use that clout to help your friends.

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