BUEK! RateWatch New Year’s Eve!

What is it with the “Eve-s” this year?  Thanksgiving Eve was a
great day for rates, so was Christmas Eve, and now New Year’s Eve sees
a bump down because of the Fed announcement that it will start buying
mortgage-backed securities in January.  Remember how I predicted rates
would go lower?


Appears I was right.


There are limited – LIMITED – programs back under 5% today, but
this isn’t the big move.  Most traders are out for the holiday and I
predict most of the momentum on bonds will be after the new year. 
We’ll be RateWatching extra hard come next Monday.  Stay tuned.


Meantime, if you want to know where your loan would be, rate-wise,
shoot me an email.  You could call, but I might not get back to you
before the 5th.


BUEK!  That’s Hungarian for Happy New Year.  No, really.  It is.  You can look it up.



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