Singin’ in the Rain

Article Six of the series is up.  This one is on – surprise! – mortgages and homebuying.  No, it really is.  And you didn’t think I could blog about what I do for a living, did you?  Don’t forget to register with the site, too.  The people that run it are earnest and they’re trying to build a readership.

Yes, I know that in order to build a readership you need something to read, but you can’t blame me for the dearth of content – my stuff is there.

One Response to “Singin’ in the Rain”

  • Rich says:

    Your articles on Investing Your Time and Investing Yourself were great. Really got me thinking and evaluating (again) where my greatest return can come from time invested. It would be a good thing for me to think about on, probably, a weekly basis!

    It reminded me a great book that I have read several times – “Investment of a Lifetime” by K.C. Erickson – which encourages one to think about investing time as seriously as one thinks about investing money. Now if I could just do either one well….


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