RateWatch – Markets Get Well

Market: The stock market rises as the flu abates.  This takes money out of the bond markets, and as you know, when bonds sink, rates rise.  We aren’t seeing strong upward pressure yet, nothing like what we had late last week, but with a big supply of government bonds being auctioned off Tuesday and Wednesday, I wouldn’t be surprised to see rates move up to hit 5% again.  Word to the wise.
Admonition: Hug your loved ones.  Last week an old friend of mine, Shawnie Romney Tull, went from perfectly healthy to dead of the flu in three days.  You can’t prepare for that, and you can’t avoid it, no matter who you are or how much money you have.  All you can do is go with no regrets.  I believe Shawnie did that.  Will we?
And if you’re praying people, please pray for her little ones, and her husband.

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