RateWatch – We Control the Market

Market: We got hammered today because…well, because.  We’re down 59bps at the moment, and you can thank us here at the Chris Jones Branch of City 1st that it isn’t worse.  It was worse, but we fixed it.  I will tell you how below.  This translates to a rise in rates of .25% over the past two days.

Analysis: Employment numbers came in right in line this morning, followed by home sales numbers that are so anemic they’d be confined to bed in any other market.  The stock market euphorically rose to over 9000 on this news.  Whatever.  Who can analyze this stuff?

But I know how to control it.  This has been tested so many times now that it’s as good as proved.  We know here at the office that when we lock a loan, we reverse the market (this only works when the market is tanking).  In the last two weeks we’ve done it several times.  The market starts to fall, so we call up one of our loans and lock it.  The second we do, the rally begins.  Happens 100% of the time.

Why didn’t we do something about the terrible crash of Black Wednesday two months ago?  Funny you should ask.  We TRIED.  Lenders stopped accepting locks, so we couldn’t get one down.  We sent in the request, and it was eventually honored – at the open of the market the next day, which sparked the largest up day for bonds in several years.  I’m telling you, it’s a curse having this much responsibility.

But I promise you I will use it with discretion and wisdom.  I also promise that your personal loan will not be the one we sacrifice on the altar of the gods of mortgage rates.  We’ll get someone else.


P.S. Thought I’d again thank all of you for following me, and let you know that it matters a great deal to me.  Today I picked up a gig writing for the Scotsman Guide, somewhat because of RateWatch.  You are all very important to me, and you do get service that’s not available to just anyone.  Thank you again, and welcome to our new signups.  Hope you like it here.

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