Are You Working Every Day?

I’ve been harping in this space about how to change our economic thinking, how to do more with less, how to keep working even if the jobs are gone, that sort of thing.  I have a REALLY long post on this subject that’s still in draft mode, but maybe this week will see the light.

In case you missed it, I contend that the broad economy is totally irrelevant to you personally, and that making things better, creating jobs and increasing activity are things you can do – no, that you must do – every day in the place that you are.  Then along comes the incredible Olivier Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder) and here’s a snippet of his post from late last week:

What economy? What is that? Some magical entity that decides when businesses are able to make money? Seriously?  Is that the answer? Is that what they teach in business schools these days? Is that what 25 years on various boards and whatnot have taught you? The economy is responsible for my business still looking at a lousy H2 in 2009? :D

Here’s something to chew on: The economy won’t start getting better until businesses start doing better, and that my friends is not something that will be decided in Washington D.C., Wall Street or even CNN. It isn’t a chicken or egg question. Businesses ARE the economy. No one is going to magically make the economy fix itself. Not Jesus, not President Obama, not the Fed, not even Kanye West. It starts here. Right now. With you. Not with some vague distant fairy godmother of business called “the economy” but with you: The business leaders. The CEOs. The CMOs. The creative directors. The agency principals.  The Social Media directors. The community managers. The customer engagement managers. THAT’s where it starts.

If I call a guy a genius who is saying the same things I am, is that self-congratulatory?  There’s a lot of big-business-speak in Olivier’s post, because he does big-boy things at his company, but I still recommend you read the whole thing.

Do something today to make someone else’s business work better.  I’m begging you.

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