Two things…

First, riffing off my disturbing dentist/social media experience from yesterday, which, despite the fact that it seems to me to be an almost surreal event that is ripe for some serious deconstruction by Olivier Blanchard, Amber “Cadabra” Naslund, Beth Harte and other people almost as smart, nobody has commented on, I had a terrific experience at Thanksgiving Point Dental yesterday, thanks very much, and I’m quite sure nobody will sue me for mentioning it here on my blog.  Unlike some others would have, but you’ll just have to read that last post to understand this, won’t you?

Second, I was going to write something pithy about the Reverse Twitter Effect in movies, or maybe about healthcare and why “death panels” are almost inevitable, no matter what the President says, or even about how curious I am to see what effect the Four-hour Workweek has on my life, but then I ran across this post on Cougarboard and realized that it was much, much better than anything I could write today, so here you go instead.

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