One of those weeks…

When I decide I’m going to do something, I feel compelled to finish it.  This is likely because I sucked at that for the first 35 years of my life.

So when I got to writing a newspaper – that’s writing, selling ads, laying out, printing, distributing – and it vacuumed up my entire week, I should probably have junked the thing, but I thought 1) my town really needs a newspaper and 2) I have to finish this.  So I did.  You can not read the results here.  The attempt is based on the fact that I write a lot, dozens of pages a week, and I need a good place to run some ads for my business, and Lehi needs a paper desperately and nobody else is doing anything about it.  So the Lehi Pioneer/Independent is born.

I was going to write about this earlier, but a few weeks back my huge stock of Atra razor blades ran out, so I needed to get a new razor.  I toyed with disposables for a while, but those are not very good.  Then my wife suggested that I try the Gillette Fusion.  Not because of their incredibly sill advertising, but because we could get one for free with a combo of sales and coupons.  The idea of five blades seemed stupid to me, but I told her I’d give it a shot and see what happened.

What happened was interesting.  I shave every day, or very nearly, and I have a harsh beard that tears up traditional blades.  The head of the Fusion was good at getting into my ever-increasing supply of facial nooks and crannies, and the blade glided pretty well.  Not definitely a great deal better than my regular blades, but pretty well.  At $10 for a four-pack of blades, though, I wasn’t going for it unless I got some serious blade life.  $15 a month or so for razor blades is not in the cards.

Surprise!  The first blade lasted five weeks.  Never had a razor do that before.  So now we’re on to the second blade, and if it lasts anything like the first one did, I’m going to be a regular.  Good shave – not fantastic, but very good – relatively inexpensive because of the long blade life, and no nicks.  So far, 35 shaves or so into the experiment, not one cut.  That’s never happened before, either.  So color me surprised, and cautiously a fan.  If only they’d dump the stupid advertising.

My Dodge Stratus just topped 170,000 miles.  What percentage of 1997 Stratuses made 170k, do you think?

I’m really sorry that this post isn’t up to the usual standard.  It’s just been one of those weeks.  Over the weekend I’ll try to finish my post on healthcare and get that up, so we can all argue some more.  Meanwhile, live long and prosper.

4 Responses to “One of those weeks…”

  • Um, serialized novels??? Ahem.

  • chrisjones says:

    Thought that might get your attention. I have some ideas. I’ll be in touch.

  • Catherine says:

    We are also converted to the Fusion. But we have not had nearly the blade life that you have. Of course, we use the blade that long, but I notice a significant decrease in the quality of the shave after the first or second week. If my sense of frugality didn’t require me to make it last and last, I would definitely change the blade every week.

  • Andy Staley says:

    Thanks for the great review. I work for Gillette in our Consumer Care group, and I love reading great reviews and post on our products. Glad we have something that you like so much. Thanks for the great review! I work for Gillette in our Consumer Care Dept, and it’s always good to read such kind words about your products. If you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up on twitter at andyatgillette and I will do what I can. My twitter name is andyatgillette, let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.


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