RateWatch – What is With Thanksgiving Week?!?!?

Markets: The collapse of the dollar has driven rates slowly but surely to levels we haven’t seen in six months.  Seriously.  It would not be impossible to find 4.625% on some 30-year fixed loans, and we’re closing a 5/1 ARM tomorrow at 3.875%.

Analysis: Well, exactly a year ago today we watched as the mortgage market exploded and rates dropped by more than a full point in two hours.  I remember this well, as I logged on in a spare moment from a condo in Florida, where I was supposed to be on vacation, and spent the next two solid days on the phone because of it.  Not that I’m complaining, exactly, although it was surely most inconvenient.

But this is gratitude week, and I am spending it more or less being grateful.  I am truly grateful for all of you and your willingness to pass along the information I share here.  I depend on referrals for all of my business, and I don’t forget that you have to be thrilled with what you get from me, or you won’t refer me – and I wouldn’t want you to.

We’ll be making some changes to our operations here over the next couple of months that should improve our communications and expand the number of available channels for it, so that you can get this alert however suits you best, whether by Twitter or Facebook or email or text or what have you.  Watch for that, and in the meantime, give me suggestions on how I can make this alert more useful to you.  In turn, let me ask you to forward it on to someone – just one person – that might enjoy it, so that the reach of good, solid market information can grow.  Thanks in advance.

Action: And here is a suggestion from alert reader AmyJo in which she suggests that I add an action section to RateWatch, so here it is: if you’re interested at all in potentially refinancing or purchasing, hit reply to this email and let’s start the conversation.  Average lead time from first discussion to close is running at a career-high 84 days now.  It takes time to get things in place to qualify in this environment.  Do not wait and miss out, and yes, we’re still working in the holidays.  Let us work for you.


Chris Jones

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