A To-DON’T List

What’s on your to-don’t list today?

A few weeks back, on Facebook, I asked people for their time-management suggestions.  I got a lot of them, and most of them were outstanding.  One in particular, from my old friend Janice Welker, leaped out at me, and set me thinking ever since.  She said that a to-do list was a chance for her to decide on all those things she was not going to do that day, that she used it to remember who was in control of her life.  I thought that was a great concept.

So, in the spirit of that, here is today’s to-don’t list:

1. Don’t stay in bed because you think nobody will care if you’re just a few minutes late.

2. Don’t assume that Jeanette knows you love her, just because you told her last night.

3. Don’t figure that the kids will weed just as hard if you’re not out there with them.

4. Don’t leave the baby for Jeanette to change because you think your work is too important for you to take a couple minutes.

5. Don’t make your body try to do its work on a glass of water and some vitamins.

6. Don’t call later.  There is no “later”.

7. Don’t figure people are smart enough to know what you need without your asking them.

8. Don’t think you can fit everything in that you have to do without taking a couple minutes to plan.

9. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your job is more important than your family.  It’s just louder.

10. Don’t think you’re ever going to get around to going fishing with your Dad unless you put something on the calendar.

11. Don’t think people that need mortgage lending in Utah are going to call you out of the blue, even if you aren’t doing anything to let them know you’re there.

12. Don’t expect blocks of time to magically open up in your calendar so you can take your wife out for ice cream.

13. Don’t get discouraged because two hours of writing only gets 4.7% of your book written.  It’s 4.7% more than you had before you started.

There’s more, but this post was not on the to-do list this morning, which I had better get back to.  What’s on YOUR to-Don’t list today?

4 Responses to “A To-DON’T List”

  • Catherine says:

    I can’t believe that anything is louder than your family.

    #1 on my don’t do list is not to feel sorry for myself. It’s working so far.

  • Lyz says:

    Excellent thought for me today. Here’s my whole to-don’t list:

    1. Don’t do anything to overexert your body. You may want to do well in school and spend more time with you family, but, at the moment, absolutely nothing trumps the health and well-being of your unborn child, so cool it.

    2. Don’t not take your nutritional supplements just because they make you feel sick. They’re important to allow your body to keep supporting your baby.

    3. Don’t stress about school and finances. You’re doing the Lord’s will, and He will make everything work out.

    4. Don’t find something else to stress about. Stress is bad for you, especially right now.

    5. Don’t forget to pray. A lot.

    Thanks for the reminder, Chris. :)

  • You job is louder than you’re family? I doubt that.

    Don’t put off watching today’s stage of the tour. (But you can ff through the first 2/3s.)

  • E says:

    I love that we all thought the same thing when we read that.

    #1 Everyday-don’t think that you don’t have time to stop and read scriptures, because there are other more time sensitive things calling for your attention. They will wait 15 minutes and you will feel better all day.

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