RateWatch Videocast 22 July

Welcome to RateWatch for Thursday July 22, and here’s what’s happening:

Today’s market: The benchmark bond is down 15bps today.  We’re trading in a narrow channel.  It’s a huge day for economic news, with jobless claims coming out worse than expected – at least, worse than the experts expected – and existing home sales numbers showing the housing market still weak but not as weak as expected. All that bad economic news is bad for stocks and good for bonds.

What that means to you is worse mortgage rates, but not very much worse.  We’d need to be down 30-40 bps before banks would react with worse rates.  There’s a certain fatigue on the part of banks, who don’t really want to make loans in the low 4% range, so they’re not going lower on rates unless we have a huge move in the market.  That’s not happening.  Moves higher are very possible, however, so stay tuned.  To you all this means that rates are holding steady in the 4.5% range on most loans, down in the 4% range on 15-year terms.  Those rates are truly ridiculous, by the way.  At 4.5%, you can buy 20% more house than you can at 6% for the same payment.  An example:

6%, $200,000 loan, payment $1200/mo

4.5%, $240,000 loan, payment $1216/mo

So let’s all be grateful.

What’s in it for you? Money.  It’s going to take you 60-90 days to be able to complete a sale, so start the process right now.  For many of you it will take as much as six months.  Sound like a lot?  It isn’t.  And January is traditionally one of the cheapest times of the year to pull the trigger.  Do not wait to talk to a professional.  You can call us.  That’s what we’re here for.

That’s RateWatch for July 22, I’m your host, Chris Jones.  You can find us at thechrisjonesgroup.com or text us at 801-850-3781. ‘Til next time, we’ll be watching the rates.

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