That was some week.

You know how you get to the start of a week, and  you get everything planned out, get your to-do lists together, and you hit the week running with a ton of energy and purpose?

That was this week.

And you know how some weeks the things you mean to do and the things you have to do collide so violently that even though you are working constantly, knocking things off the to-do list with abandon, and seeing real (even some times miraculous) progress, you get to the end of the week and you realize that you accomplished almost none of the things you meant to?

That was this week, too.

Mortgages being what they are, the opportunities to do really significant good for people don’t come along every day.  When they do, you often have extremely short windows to get things moving.  That’s what happened this week, as rates dived a bit and some potential streamline refinances came into play that honestly I never thought would happen.  But you have to strike while the iron is hot, even if that puts a lot of other things – worthwhile things, even necessary things – on the back burner.  That’s what I tried to do this week, and maybe I even succeeded.  We will finish the week with more business in process than we’ve had in a year, and the immediate prospect of cutting $1450/mo in interest out of the payments of our clients, a not-insubstantial sum.

So, a good week.  I sent a son to college, set up a company, closed a purchase for a really exceptional young lady, learned to love the Tenth Doctor (but not as much as the Ninth), read Drive, by Daniel Pink (two thumbs waaaaay up), blogged a couple of times and exchanged Twitter messages with Chris Brogan.  I discovered that the most durable brand in all of business is Notre Dame football.  I debated the sociology of rites of passage with the wonderful and amazing Pastor Chuck Lovelady.  I drank homemade grape juice and took a beautiful girl to the football game.  Wrote more of my book and an article on lending in Utah.  There was some stuff I didn’t do.  But I promise not to mention any of it, if you won’t.

Go have a great weekend.  You deserve it.  Really, you do.

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