Looking in the Crystal Ball Again

First, let’s check the Crystal Ball’s accuracy from last time:

  • Dodgers fail to make the playoffs: Check.
  • History of Money has 9 more students than TJYC (tho both are great classes): Check.
  • Wall Street Reform increases fees: Check (I’m already getting fun “new annual fee” notices for credit cards – bet you are, too)
  • Obama blames the banks: Pending (he has bigger fish to fry at the moment)
  • 2011 Mortgage collapse: Pending (obviously)
  • Mortgage lending difficulty increases and fraud is up: BWAAAAHAAAHAAA.
  • Senate and House takeover: Pending.  Looking dang good for the GOP, though.
  • Harry Reid Survives: Pending, but this one might not come in.
  • Mayor of Emmett’s and Ethel’s: Check.
  • Mortgage Rates remain low: Check.  And Check.
  • Six Channels of Marketing book completed by Hallowe’en: Pending.  On track, believe it or not.
  • Jazz fail to sign another free agent: Check
  • Okur unable to perform: Check
  • Jazz in second: Pending
  • Diana’s children sleep through the night by Labor Day: Check.  Barely, but check.
  • Mockingjay NY Times Bestseller: Check.  But I don’t know that it deserves it.  It was easily the least of the three books, and it serves as a warning that even good writers can get lost and screw up their characters.  Review on this coming in a couple weeks.
  • Next Crystal Ball in 30 days: Fail.

So the Crystal Ball appears to be functional.  I would add that in the comments, Catherine asked the identity of the US National Team’s manager on January 1, 2011.  The Crystal Ball named Bob Bradley, who was just named the manager for the next two years.  So that one is also correct.

A couple of new predictions:

Republicans will win both statewide California races, defeating both Boxer and Brown.

Jennifer Grey will make the final four in Dancing with the Stars, but will not win.

Next Crystal Ball, I predict, the first Thursday in November.

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