Actual Writing about Mortgages!

I do write about mortgages, you know.  I don’t do it here all that often, which is a thing in the process of changing (eventually), but I do it, and I do it a lot.

In case you’re interested, which seems unlikely but is possible, I have a couple of posts about the foreclosure mess on Zillow’s Mortgages Unzipped blog.  The first one is here, and I’ll link to the second one if they ever put it up.  I also have a piece on where I think rates are headed for the next six months, which you might find useful.

In other news, I have an article in the November issue of The Niche Report, which is the second of the mortgage-industry publications to want my stuff, after the Scotsman Guide, for which I’ve written several articles.  I’m still waiting for a paying gig, but in the meantime it’s nice to have people interested in printing and reprinting the things I write.

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