Put Up or Shut Up

I’ll have much more on this topic later on, but for now, here’s this.

There’s a lot of woofing about the Tea Party and a return to smaller government, etc. What I have to say about that is that I’m all in favor of it, if we who are calling for government to cut back are willing to pick up those that are going to fall when it does. And only then.

I am currently on the phone with a prominent conservative/libertarian rabble-rouser who wants me to help her with a project tentatively titled “Just Walk Across the (&%#$^ Street”, which is for those that want government cutbacks to commit to picking up the slack when those programs go away.

If I don’t think that we should have government-funded schools, for instance, am I willing to pay not only my share, but the share of others, in time and money, to make sure that no government schools does not equate to no school at all? Am I willing to feed people that are hungry so that the government can get rid of food stamps?

If I am not willing to do this, then I need to shut up about government being too large. My friend is right. God’s way is not to throw some blessings at us. God gives us those that are directly appropriate for us. We need to do the same for each other. And we shouldn’t be bashing people that think we’re not going to, and that government must, unless we are willing to prove that we are equal to the task.

More on this later.

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