Three Days of Thanks

So, since Christmas has expanded to fill the known universe, and Hallowe’en is about to fill up the unknown part, I thought I might try striking a blow for my favorite holiday of the year, one that gets no pub because it has no significant music of its own – Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving carols may be a rare as turkey’s teeth, but Thanksgiving does have one thing to make it stand out above all other holidays – pie.  Pie is, as everyone knows, the True Meaning of Thanksgiving.  So I am, in my own small small way, expanding the holiday to be three days, and calling the new, improved holiday the Three Days of Thanks.

Here are the festivities, and the rules.  Don’t carp.  All holidays have rules.

Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the First Day of Thanks, is a day for giving out pie.  Today, for instance, I am giving free pie to every one of my clients that wants one.  Not a slice of pie, a whole pie.  You want good Karma, give good gifts.  The Lehi Bakery has made me a huge number of excellent pies, and I’m giving them away cheerfully, except the one strawberry rhubarb pie that met with an unfortunate accident when it ran into my knife and fork on the way in from the car.  Tragic.  So I have to eat that one.  But the rest, they’re all going to good homes and stomachs.  We’re also taking donations for Sub for Santa, a project of Lehi City and the Lehi Rotary Club.  Go, and do thou likewise.

On the First Day of Thanks, as for all days of the festival, all Facebook updates and all tweets have to include gratitude or thanks.  Tweets should be hashtagged with #3DaysofThanks.  It’s a great time to be thankful for the great followers and friends you have, as well as those you follow and befriend.  You have a huge number of things to be thankful for.  Three days really isn’t enough to get through them all.  But it’s what we have, so go with it.

The Second Day of Thanks is marked by my favorite part of the entire festival, a little thing called Pie Night.  This was begun many years ago by Gordon Jones, the Patron Person of Pie, who, while reading Harold and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson, was struck by Harold’s lunch of all nine kinds of pie that he liked best.  So, to commemorate that blessed event, Gordon staged the very first Pie Night, an evening when the family gathers together and eats pie.  Pie, he thought, had been getting lost in the commercialism of Thanksgiving, and it needed to be restored to its rightful place at the center of the holiday.  And Pie Night was born.

Our family celebrates this event with acts of humanitarian service, making gifts and packets for less-fortunate people around the world, which we donate to the LDS Church as part of their global humanitarian work.  Choose what you will.  But give, and give freely.  And eat pie.  Don’t forget that part.

Then the Third Day of Thanks arrives, known in most of the USA as Thanksgiving.  I think you know what to do here, so I will only add a couple of things:

1. No complaining.  This is a day of Thanks.  Go the entire day without being frustrated or angry or whiny.  You can do this.  It’s only one day.  The next day is Black Friday, so save all that angst up and use it then, where it can score you some awesome deals at BestBuy, or your hedonist altar of choice.

2. Don’t forget the pie.  This is a good day to catch whatever pies you didn’t get a slice of on Pie Night.  Turkey is good, and stuffing, and mashed potatoesandgravyandsweetpotatoesandcranberrysauce.  But don’t forget the reason for the season.

Then the three days are past, and you can resume your regularly scheduled lives, already in progress.

So happy Three Days of Thanks.  Today is the First Day, and you know what you have to do.  It will change your life, and your waistline.  Go to it.

5 Responses to “Three Days of Thanks”

  • Gordon Jones says:

    Actually, while I’d like to have the credit for Pie Night, we got the idea from the Larsens in our ward. They have done it much longer than we have.


  • Lorri Randle says:

    Scooter and I will be making pies, tomorrow, Wed… Cherry and Pumpkin and Berry. I ordered a banana cream, but thats because two kids in my ward need money to go on a school trip, so they are making and selling pies as well and I don’t have time to make them all…
    Then there is pecan pie Charlotte usually makes and another mint chocolate chip pie as well.
    Turkey you say? What Turkey?

  • Unfortunately I did not make it to this post until the third day of Thanksgiving. But I feel like I’m up to the challenge. I am going to have a frustration free day. (I hope.) And pie, lots of pie.

  • Melanee says:

    This must be published. Here and otherwise of course. Love the ‘Thanksgiving carols may be as rare as a turkey’s teeth…” So good.

    What about organizing some of your writings around annual events, family traditions, and so forth? You could hit all the major holidays, your family events, your personal rituals, political stuff, and service activities. Organize it by month. If I were your kid, I would love this sort of thing, not only because it is a snapshot of family traditions, but because it contains your personal philosophies on life.

    Fun, inspiring visit to your blog! Thanks for writing and for sharing. My entire family enjoyed this post!

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