The BC$(&^$(^%*

Everyone that knows me knows I hate the Bowl “Championship” Series. This year’s mess, with the inclusion of a cringe-worthy UConn team and the endless round of justification for excluding TCU from the national “championship” game, is the standard package of crap foisted on college football fans. Except there’s even more stupidity on display than usual.

You might not have heard about the glitch. Yeah, that’s right, a computer glitch that caused Boise State to be ranked 11th instead of 10th. That’s been corrected, but here’s the fascinating report on what happened:

>>The discrepancy was discovered by Jerry Palm, who runs the websites and, in the Colley Matrix computer ratings, one of six used by the BCS.

Wesley Colley said Palm, who verifies the Colley Matrix ratings, noticed the results of an FCS playoff game involving Appalachian State and Western Illinois had not been included in the data base used to generate the ratings.

BCS executive director Bill Hancock said in a statement that he was “deeply disturbed” when he learned of the mistake.

“This error should not have happened and is unacceptable. The final standings have been corrected. Fortunately, it had no effect on any team’s eligibility for the BCS games.”<<

He’s appalled that a mistake happened, but NOT appalled by the fact that the BCS rankings are being materially affected by THE 1-AA PLAYOFF GAME BETWEEN APPALACHIAN STATE AND WESTERN ILLINOIS!?!?!?

Every time I think I know how totally bogus this system is, I find that there are new depths of pathetic just begging to be discovered.

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  • Paul Valenzuela says:

    The real NCAA football championship will be determined tonight (1/7/11) at 7pm EST in Frisco, Texas when Eastern Washington and Delaware face off after winning through their respective playoff brackets. GO EAGLES!!

  • Gordon Jones says:

    The BCS computer also overlooked the East Paducah Girls Normal School trouncing (6-2 in a game where all the scoring was by safety) of Sligo (Maryland) Tech. Had that game been included, Columbia would be playing for the national championship. Roar, Lion, Roar!


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