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Need Something to Do?

Things that need doing, that desperately need doing, that I do not have time to do:

1. A real, physical newspaper for Lehi.  I started one, but have not had the time to continue.  It was worth the investment.  I learned a lot.  I believe it matters.

2. A serious attempt at a local literary revival.  I know a good deal about the mechanics of how to get a book written, published, and sold.  I am also a fierce proponent of the power of locality and community, and, although this runs counter to the conventional wisdom, I believe that the physical is still more powerful than the virtual.  I believe that it is not only possible but highly desirable to have a local press for local writers distributing books through local stores.  I can see the entire thing, how it would all work.  I don’t have time (and likely don’t have the skills) to do it.

3. Hard research on the value of coaching rotation in college football.  I have a theory.  It would be an interesting one – and potentially a valuable one – to any university that was thinking of trying to win a national championship.  Don’t have time to do the research to see if my theory is true.

4. A solid PR campaign for the mortgage/ real-estate industry.  We’ve been savaged over the last few years because of the economic downturn supposedly caused by the greed and fraud of people who do what I do.  The record could use some straightening out, and more than that, the value created by people that do what I do should be and must be highlighted.  Those of us that are really good at what we do provide services that save people millions.  I believe it would be a very good thing if more people understood that.

5. TEDx Lehi.  There are huge numbers of techies in this part of the valley, and more coming all the time.  We’re a creative and interesting bunch.  The TED program is one of the most interesting and inspiring ideas I’ve seen in a long while, and I want to be part of putting one on right here in Utah County.  I don’t have time to do it.

6. Writing Training Trap.  My good friend Glen has a terrific idea for a business book.  It needs to be written.  Not only can I not write it, I don’t even have time to badger him so that HE has time to write it.

That’s depressing enough for one day.

I had a friend ask me if I was going to survive the wreckage of the mortgage industry, if I was worried about being out of business.  There are several stock answers I use to that question (“as long as there’s a mortgage industry, I’ll be working in it,” etc.) , but I decided at that moment on a new one: Hell no.  The second I don’t have a job here I have ten more ready to go.  Give me back the 40+ weekly hours I spend on mortgages, and I probably have time to do three or four of those things above.  If City 1st ever gets rid of me, I won’t even have time to move my desk.

Meantime, if you’re looking around for something to do, I have some suggestions.