Getting closer!

Yesterday marked the T-minus 3 week mark.  Gabriel dumps the permanent fiberglass pants on April 4.

We’ve gotten into a basic holding pattern now.  The rash is under control but not eliminated.  It doesn’t appear to hurt him.  I’ll have Jeanette do a guest post on her experiences with various diaper-rash creams, but whatever she’s doing, it’s been successful.

The cast is damp, but not soaking.  We’ve used a cool/warm hairdryer to dry off the cast and get some airflow going, and though Gabriel hates it when Jeanette does it, he’ll put up with it, and he doesn’t seem to mind it when I do it.  Big problem there is that the noise of it wipes out most conversation in the local area.  But we can deal for half an hour a day.

And the big news is that the bills are continuing to roll in.  We have a decent estimate now of the totality of the damage, and it’s going to be heavy, but not crippling.  We will probably be a bit over $10,000 total gross bill, though we’ll see when the ambulance bill arrives.  We got the massive $5500 whack from Primary Children’s the other day, and Jeanette has still not gotten over the line-by-line insanity of that.  More detail coming in a subsequent post.

The bottom line is that while we won’t be able to pay it all off in one chunk, we will probably be able to allocate funds to pay it every month, depending on how those negotiations go.  Several of you have offered your skills in this area, and we are hugely grateful for this and will certainly accept your offer, once we have everything in hand.

Gabriel isn’t sleeping great – last night he did his usual 2 hour fit, which our home-for-Spring-Break son eventually terminated, God bless him – but he’s sleeping fairly well, so we can, again, deal with it.  He goes down better for me than for Jeanette, which is a great thing for her.

He’s also getting outside now that the weather is okay.  We took our weekly family walk Sunday and Gabriel went with us in the stroller.  We’ve tried wagons, big strollers, all sorts of things, and he likes the tiny little umbrella stroller best.  No idea why.  It isn’t sensible, but there you go.  He loves being outside.  We can also wrestle with him some now, which he likes, and even hang him upside down by the bar between his legs, which I’ll have to get a photo of.

Note: the hospital staff told us not to lift him by the bar.  Then they told us they had to tell us that, and that since you couldn’t get the bar off with a chainsaw, we might as well go ahead.  If anything happens to Gabriel, it is not their fault.

Dozens of you have told us you’re praying for us and sending peace and patience our way.  It’s being received.  You all have some serious Karma built up.  We love you and can’t possibly describe to you how wonderful it feels to be the recipients of so much goodwill and love.  What wonderful friends you are.  How amazed we are by every one of you.

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  • Sara says:

    You’re doing a fabulous job documenting this event in your son’s life. One day, when he’s up at 3:00 am, struggling to write that English paper that is due the next morning, but wasn’t started until the night before… he’ll be able to pull out these posts and use them as inspiration for his work. He, of course, will likely not remember any of it, but the stories will have been retold any number of times over various Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner events so that he will believe that he does have that memory. And, when he’s finished, and his work has been spell-checked and grammar-checked, and he is able to slip into bed for 45 minutes of quality sleep before school, he’ll be proud of the work that his parents did while he was “laid up.” His paper will obviously receive the most outstanding of grades: “A+++” and he will live happily ever after.
    The End.

    More peace and patience to you.

    Oh, and as a complete aside that really qualifies as a mental “leap”….. one of my swim team mates is also a WSHS grad………………. 16 years after us. She even had some of the same teachers that I did! Were any of your younger sibs there on or around 2002?

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