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We’re about one week out from the big day: April 4 Gabriel gets his cast off.  We cannot wait.  It’s like looking forward to Christmas.  It’s such a big deal that the four-year-old can tell you how many days are left, counting them himself.

Gabriel has lost a lot of weight.  The original rash that caused us so much trouble was doubly hard to deal with because Gabriel filled his entire cast with no difficulty whatever, which made it very hard for air to circulate and his skin to get better.  It was also difficult for us to get our hands inside the cast to put the cream where it needed to go.  Not anymore.  Gabriel eats very sparingly, and though we ply him with fatty treats – he had pie this morning for breakfast – he’s still markedly thinner than he was.  Some of that will be muscle tone, but a lot of it is that he doesn’t eat much.  We’ve had little success with anything we’ve tried there.

We took him to church today, the first time since the injury.  He wasn’t quiet, but he liked being there.  A couple of people remarked at how thin he was.  We’d be worried, but he’s always been a picky eater, and he’s still got great energy.  There’s only a week left.  He’s not going to starve to death.

He has also discovered mobility again.  He army-crawls across the floor – he loves the tile entryway and kitchen for this – and he rolls over and generally scoots himself around.  Today he also stood up for a bit, which is hard to imagine, with his legs splayed our crablike as they are, but he managed it.  I doubt he’s going to have any trouble with mobility once the cast comes off.  In seven days.  Did I mention that?

He still stinks.  The cast is awful.  But there really isn’t much we can do about it.  We’ve tried all sorts of things, but none of them really work very well.  It’s just something we have to work with and endure.  There have been a lot of those things.

Gabriel is sleeping better.  We have him upstairs now, in his brother’s bed, where he can sleep a bit longer and not get awakened by his siblings getting ready for school.  That’s working.

Something I didn’t mention was that we have been having him wear his 7-year-old brother’s shirts.  Beefers, the aforementioned 7-year-old, seems okay with this.  The larger shirts work better, because they drape down over the open top of the cast, and prevent food and other things from getting down into the cast, where they could cause significant problems.  They’re also easier to get on and off him, which is a bonus for us.

We’re tired.  We’re very ready for this to be done.  But we’ve learned a great deal, and we’re far more sensitive to the problems other parents face, most of which, honestly, are a lot more severe and long-lasting than what we have to deal with.


The last bill is in, we think.  The ambulance bill came this last week.  It wasn’t as much as we thought it would be.  I’ll line-item the expenses in a post later this week, but suffice it to say that we are incredibly blessed once again.  We’ll have payments of a decent size to make for a long time, it looks like, but we could have been crippled by this and we will not be.  We are not going to be bankrupted.  We can deal.  Your faith and your prayers have worked a miracle here, for which thing I am grateful beyond words.

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