Cast Off Day. Hold the Celebration.

So the cast is off, and it was ugly.  You could clearly see where we could reach inside the cast and apply creams, etc., but there was a huge area we just couldn’t get to.  Unfortunately, the pee could.  It was horrific.

There’s no help for it, but aside from the very first week of the injury, when we were getting used to the cast and trying to figure out how to keep it as clean as possible, and dry it, and protect it, this is by far the worst.  Sitting in the bathtub with a little boy screaming “my leg! My leg!” while you try to wash it off and his skin comes off in your hands is pretty much the worst thing I’ve had to do in a while.  Since I had to hold his broken leg in my hands six weeks ago, I think.

Yay for us.

For now, Gabriel seems okay, and this rash on the unexposed parts of him isn’t as bad as it could be.  He’s spasming and seriously unhappy when he moves, but if he sits and watches TV he’s doing okay.  A little at a time, he’ll get back in the swing of things.  Really, it’s not as terrible as I’m making it sound.  I’m just a bit shaken by the gap between my ridiculous expectations and the reality.

2 Responses to “Cast Off Day. Hold the Celebration.”

  • Jill says:

    :( That’s not fun. The great thing is that the skin heals much faster than the bones. He’ll be up to the new normal within a couple of weeks, and everyone will be happy again. But it’s definitely not fun for the mean time.

  • Clean and dry will work wonders on the skin. Time and lack of cast will work wonders on the leg. I’m going to go ahead and celebrate.

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