Gabriel actually took five steps this morning.  He didn’t like it.  But he wasn’t crying about it.  I held his hand and we walked to Mommy, and then he collapsed.  People, that right there made this one of the best days EVER.

I’m constantly amazed by the wonder of the little things through this process.  I’ve never had so much fun playing hide-and-seek as I did when Gabriel was stationary and we had to figure out how to do it with pillows.  Watching him eat, watching him learn to roll over with those heavy fiberglass pants on, watching him learn to SLEEP, even, everything was new and great.

And then I think, you know, I have eighth children, and everything they do is new and different and amazing, and I’m missing it.  I’m missing the best parts of my life, because they’re free and they occasionally rub their snot on my shirts.  How ridiculous.

I’d say, “no more!” and “I’ll never do that again!” but I know that’s false, and I will do it again, and those beautiful, incredible little people that inhabit my house will go back to being background noise, but I do hope and pray that again and again I’ll be brought back out of it a little more, to see the miracles that happen to me every single day.

Today is good.  I see it today.  Today I’m alive, and Gabriel’s walking, and the rest of it, really, doesn’t matter one bit.

5 Responses to “He’s ALIIIIIVE!!!”

  • Laurie says:

    Good for you Chris, and congrats to Gabriel!! YEAH! Love those moments (tender mercies).

  • Sara says:


    It must be a fantastic feeling to get to see “first steps” of a child…..twice.

  • Lyz says:

    Awesome! And you gave me a much-needed uplift today. Thanks, Chris.

  • Rich says:

    Reading your post makes me cry! And, for once, it’s not because it’s badly written! ;)

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and, especially, for sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. They have moved me, encouraged me to be better and helped me to “remember” what I should already know.

    The time we have with our children is precious and fleeting. Thank you for forcing my eyes open so I can better see the new, different, amazing stuff that the snotty-nosed best parts of MY life are doing everyday.

    Love you, bro!

  • Catherine says:

    It is amazing how exciting these small things are, even when you’ve seen them before. Last night Gwen sat up on her own for a good 3 minutes and it was so fun to watch. I’ve seen the same thing 3 times before, but this was exciting all over again.

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