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Cast Off Day. Hold the Celebration.

So the cast is off, and it was ugly.  You could clearly see where we could reach inside the cast and apply creams, etc., but there was a huge area we just couldn’t get to.  Unfortunately, the pee could.  It was horrific.

There’s no help for it, but aside from the very first week of the injury, when we were getting used to the cast and trying to figure out how to keep it as clean as possible, and dry it, and protect it, this is by far the worst.  Sitting in the bathtub with a little boy screaming “my leg! My leg!” while you try to wash it off and his skin comes off in your hands is pretty much the worst thing I’ve had to do in a while.  Since I had to hold his broken leg in my hands six weeks ago, I think.

Yay for us.

For now, Gabriel seems okay, and this rash on the unexposed parts of him isn’t as bad as it could be.  He’s spasming and seriously unhappy when he moves, but if he sits and watches TV he’s doing okay.  A little at a time, he’ll get back in the swing of things.  Really, it’s not as terrible as I’m making it sound.  I’m just a bit shaken by the gap between my ridiculous expectations and the reality.

Bills are in, and do we have to close the office?

The bills are in (except for one, which isn’t done until we get the cast off).  The total is something north of $13,000.  They come from seven different providers, ranging in amounts from $79 to $5200.  We paid two of them off (one was the $79, as you might imagine), and got sizeable discounts in doing so, but we’re now completely out of money so that can’t happen again.

We now get to negotiate amounts and payments, which, as you might imagine, we’re not really all that excited about doing.  I have to thank Kevin Probasco and Theron Harmon for their generous offers to do some negotiation on our behalf, and we’ll take them up on that.  We need the help.  Mark Lofgren has also offered to put on a family dance fundraiser to help us get out from under this, and we may couple that with a pool party, so be looking for announcements about that going forward.  We’re very grateful.

As I posted a bit ago on Facebook, we got a check in the mail for $1000.  Cashier’s check, of course, with absolutely no identifying information.  That saved us.  It came on a day when we absolutely had to have a little more money to pay a bill that we could not pay, whatever we skimped on and tried to save.  Whoever you are, if you read this, know that your gift came as a blessing from Heaven, and we implore our Good Father to bless you a thousandfold more than you have blessed us.

The monthly payments the creditors are asking for come to about $550/mo.  At that payment, it would take a bit over two years to pay everything off, even at the exceptionally reasonable interest rates we’ve been offered so far.  It’s a payment we can probably make, but not if I keep the office on Main Street.  That would have to go.  That, or I will have to come up with some hard proof that that office makes me more than the $10k/yr it costs to maintain it.  We don’t get a lot of walk-ins that want to do loans.  Perhaps people drive by and call; I don’t know, but I doubt it.  Perhaps you reading could comment, and help me decide how important that location is.

In considering, some of the things happening at corporate HQ in Bountiful may be of use.  I’ve been hired to be the PR Director up there, which has made a large change in how much time I have to do my job as a loan officer and branch manager.  There is now some serious discussion of my running the corporate branch as well, which would require me to fold my Lehi branch into that from a reporting standpoint.  I have an office there, although it is 40 miles away from home (and commuting every day is NASTY, let me tell you).  So I could continue to be a loan officer without my Main Street office.

Jason is the only one that uses the office every day, though it truly is convenient for many things.  Not having an office down here, to be able to meet clients in, would be a hardship.  Would it be $10,000 a year of hardship?  I don’t know.  But I don’t see any way to cut anything else out of the budget, especially with Alexander putting his mission papers in shortly, with the almost immediate beginning of $400/mo payments for his support (which will continue for six years, as his brothers follow him).  We can’t handle both things without radical changes.


We’ve given up trying to keep the cast clean now.  We did all we could for weeks, and it was a slow losing battle all the time.  It’s so bad that Gabriel’s socks get pee on them by conduction wherever they come in contact with the cast for any length of time.  But there are only 50 hours to go.

He’s become very mobile.  He crawls around all over the place, scoots himself, even stands up for short periods, though balancing is very complicated, as you might imagine.  He’s happy, he’s not in pain, or even evident discomfort, in spite of it all.  Truly, humans can get used to pretty much anything.