A Cruel Irony

I’ve mentioned before that Gabriel hasn’t been sleeping through the night.  What this means is that two or three times every night he wakes up crying and has to be put back to bed.  He still sleeps with a pacifier, and he has a “manket”, threadbare and torn, without which he does not settle down and rest well.  If he loses either one of these items, he will still sleep, but he will eventually wake up and miss them, and being in a sleepy fog, not be able to find them himself.  So one of us – it’s about 50/50 these days, though during his convalescence it was my job exclusively – has to go in and fix it and settle him back down.

Over the last couple days he’s actually done pretty well, sleeping.  Thursday night he did not, in fact, wake up that we know of (once in a very great while one of the other children gets to him and takes care of it), and we were hopeful.  Of course, today is the great fundraiser meant to erase as much of his medical bills as possible, and it’s an all-day affair that has consumed much of our energy and attention leading up to it for some days.  Yesterday evening we were up pretty late putting things together for the event, and went to bed late, knowing that today would be a very long day for all of us, and hoping to get at least five or six hours’ uninterrupted sleep.


Gabriel was up five times.  I got him three, Jeanette twice, and here at 5:15 he started a crying jag, walking up and down the hall waking everyone up, that has now lasted for over half an hour.  So we’re likely to be extremely tired from caring for him on a day when we especially needed to be rested so that we can pay for caring for him.  THIS is ironic, Ms. Morissette.

But I dearly hope you come out and see us anyway, eat our food and play our games and buy some of our exceptionally awesome garage sale items.  Jill and Randy Peterson, Mark and Anjanette Lofgren, and Rich and Jana Wiltbank, among so many others, have worked their guts out for this event to make it a success, all to do something wonderful for us.  Won’t you do something wonderful for them, and come by?

We’re at the Lehi Legacy Center in the center of Lehi from 7am to 11pm.  Garage sale in the morning, carnival fun through the afternoon (highlighted by the Shane Lee Band – you gotta see these guys – at 4pm), with a family dance in the evening capped off by a pool party to end the festivities.  Please come!

3 Responses to “A Cruel Irony”

  • See all y’all in a bit. Blessings on you as you work through these challenges. You do have a great group of supportive friends.

  • Chris Jones says:

    That we surely do, Dean. Thanks for the kind words. See you in a bit!

  • Jill says:

    The beautiful irony I saw yesterday was the “thank-you” on cards with cash in them and the memos of checks. I believe the cruel irony will fade and become the slightest shadow on the memory of what your family’s goodness and your friends’ abilities and generosity hath wrought. May it be the introduction to continued reaping where you are able to see that what you have sown has made a significant impact on people’s lives, as it has on mine. You – Chris Jones – are “good people” as they say in the south. You married good people. Together you’re raising good people. And you’re friend’s with darned good people. The Samaritans came out in full force yesterday because they saw a family wounded – one of their own. There are not enough words to express my joy at having served your family yesterday. Thank you for allowing it, for publicizing it, and all you have done for me and mine. Truly GREAT things, my friend!

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