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A Cruel Irony

I’ve mentioned before that Gabriel hasn’t been sleeping through the night.  What this means is that two or three times every night he wakes up crying and has to be put back to bed.  He still sleeps with a pacifier, and he has a “manket”, threadbare and torn, without which he does not settle down and rest well.  If he loses either one of these items, he will still sleep, but he will eventually wake up and miss them, and being in a sleepy fog, not be able to find them himself.  So one of us – it’s about 50/50 these days, though during his convalescence it was my job exclusively – has to go in and fix it and settle him back down.

Over the last couple days he’s actually done pretty well, sleeping.  Thursday night he did not, in fact, wake up that we know of (once in a very great while one of the other children gets to him and takes care of it), and we were hopeful.  Of course, today is the great fundraiser meant to erase as much of his medical bills as possible, and it’s an all-day affair that has consumed much of our energy and attention leading up to it for some days.  Yesterday evening we were up pretty late putting things together for the event, and went to bed late, knowing that today would be a very long day for all of us, and hoping to get at least five or six hours’ uninterrupted sleep.


Gabriel was up five times.  I got him three, Jeanette twice, and here at 5:15 he started a crying jag, walking up and down the hall waking everyone up, that has now lasted for over half an hour.  So we’re likely to be extremely tired from caring for him on a day when we especially needed to be rested so that we can pay for caring for him.  THIS is ironic, Ms. Morissette.

But I dearly hope you come out and see us anyway, eat our food and play our games and buy some of our exceptionally awesome garage sale items.  Jill and Randy Peterson, Mark and Anjanette Lofgren, and Rich and Jana Wiltbank, among so many others, have worked their guts out for this event to make it a success, all to do something wonderful for us.  Won’t you do something wonderful for them, and come by?

We’re at the Lehi Legacy Center in the center of Lehi from 7am to 11pm.  Garage sale in the morning, carnival fun through the afternoon (highlighted by the Shane Lee Band – you gotta see these guys – at 4pm), with a family dance in the evening capped off by a pool party to end the festivities.  Please come!

The Second-best Day of School

That would be today.  Today, the day before the last day of school, the penultimate day of the school year, is also the second-best day of the school year.  Seems logical, doesn’t it?  Obviously it can’t be the BEST day of the school year, because that’s tomorrow, right?


The BEST day of the school year is the FIRST day of the school year.  Think about it.  There’s nothing bad about that day.  Nobody really gets any work to do, you see all your friends again after months apart, and the year ahead doesn’t seem so incredibly soul-crushing because you honestly can’t remember how bad it gets in February.  New clothes, new school supplies, new friends, new stuff to learn and to look forward to.  Don’t talk to me about the sadness at the death of summer.  The weather’s still good, and the real fun of the summer came to an end in mid-August when you started buying clothes for school, so there hasn’t been any juice left in that orange for a couple of weeks.  It’s clean, trackless sand and football games for months ahead.

But today is a pretty good day, too.  The work is all done.  Nobody gets homework, or takes tests, or has anything of substance to do.  It’s Field Day, or dance day, or whatever your school’s tradition is.  Nobody’s even in the classroom much, let alone doing schoolwork.  There’s the glow of a job done, if not done particularly well, and the view, over the rise in the hill, of a bright sunny country just waiting for people to play in it for a few months.  But it still isn’t the LAST day of school, when the goodbyes begin and you know, even very young, that some of these people aren’t ever going to be part of your life again.  The day-before day has no overhang of that wistful sadness.  It’s just a party – but a well-earned party, the very best kind.  It’s the last couple of free throws, with 20 seconds left, that give you that 7-point lead that you can’t now lose.  It’s the last chapter of the terrific novel where you get to find out what happily-ever-after means for the hero and the heroine, now that evil has been vanquished.

And here, it’s sunny and 65, about the best weather it’s possible to have.  At last.

Do you miss the next-to-last day of school as much as I do?  Do you still feel some of its power echoing through your cubicle, as I do?  Not that I have a cubicle, but still.


Many of you know that I’ve been in political PR for most of my life.  That makes stories like Rep. Anthony Wiener’s wiener all the more interesting to me, because out there for all to see is the spectacular Charlie-Browning of a political career because the PR has been so impossibly botched.  It’s stories like this that give guys like me a job.  You mess this up – and don’t think your favorite politician can’t have this happen to him - and it’s over.  You’re a laughingstock and a byword forever.  Even if he doesn’t resign, which I think he won’t, or get unelected next go-round, which I think he also won’t, he’ll never do another substantive thing politically.  He’s toxic.

But as I got to thinking about it, I started having more sympathy for what he’s done stumbling about in public and making a shame of himself.  Seriously, PR pals, what do you do here?  How DO you go about saying “I take pictures of my crotch all the time, so I don’t know if that is a picture of me or not, but one thing I know for sure, it wasn’t ME that sent the picture to Seattle”?  There isn’t enough lipstick in all the world for that pig.


Reminding everyone that Saturday, all day, is the Fundraiser for Gabriel.  It’s at the Legacy Center in Lehi, right in the center of town.  Jill Peterson, my impossible Exec, has been working her guts out to make this thing a success.  There will be a huge yard/garage sale, then activities, food, dancing, and a pool party.  So come, check it out, go away and come back for more.  So many good people have put so much time and attention into this…Rich Wiltbank, Mark and Anjanette Lofgren, too many people to mention.  Please help them make it a success.