A continuacion…

Day 5 is underway of the #blessing experiment on Twitter (I don’t use my phone much on weekends, so no tweets, really), and it’s continuing to have interesting effects.  For those interested and tweet-able, I’m @cjlehi; follow me at your own risk.

One of the things that has occurred to me about this is that one acquires a certain reputation from doing it.  The rep is that I am a positive guy.  I tweet blessings.  I’m constantly looking for blessings, for positive things to communicate to the world.  I am doing this in what I lovingly call Channel Three, which is the most public of all the ways to communicate.  I am globally declaring that I have blessings and that I notice those blessings.  I am going to do this for two weeks, but the reality is that once I start doing this it is likely that I will continue, unless it absolutely does not work at all, and it’s already a bit late for that to be the case.

I will be encouraged to continue because I have staked out some ground here.  Nobody else that I know is doing anything like this; at least, the #blessing hashtag is not what you’d call overused, and nobody else on earth is numbering them off every day to keep track (at least not on Twitter).   I confess I would like to be known for being a positive person.  Therefore the odds are that this will become my thing, my schtick, my modus operandi.

Today is every bit as good as day 4.  It is officially a trend.  Time will tell if it is a pattern, or possibly even a system.  But I’m hopeful.

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